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Transforming Machine Learning

Built for Developers

We help you build high quality models with Adafel that are proof-backed. Enabling more Transparent and wide adoption of AI

Modular Infrastructure

Onchain Open Data Libraries

Community Aggregated data

Trustless predictions with ZK Proofs

Incentivization Layer

Modular Infrastructure

Onchain Open Data libraries

Community Aggregated Data

Trustless Predictions with ZK Proofs

Incentivization Layer

Adafel Open Data Libary

ODL is a SDK which enables users to Contribute, extract and compute Onchain or Offchain data for building ML Models.

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Web3 Transactions

Supercharge your Machine Learning Models.

npm i @adafel/opendatalibrary-js-sdk
import { privateKeyToAccount } from 'viem/accounts';
import { OpenDataLibrary, Category } from "@adafel/opendatalibrary-js-sdk";
const privateKey = '0xabc'; // optional

const client = new OpenDataLibrary({
  account: privateKeyToAccount(privateKey), // optional

Get ZK proofs backed Machine Learning predictions from community powered Onchain Data Libraries

Easy to use

Multi-model Support

Community Support

So, how does it even work?

Share data

Contribute to onchain Open Data Libraries and get incentivised

Onchain model

Train onchain ML models with Open Data Library

Browse Result

Get predictions and analysis with the ZK proofs supported by end-to-end trustless infrastructure

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I was skeptical at first, but after trying out this AI generator, I'm a believer. The flexibility and customization options are fantastic, and I love how it can adapt to different writing styles and topics.

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4:56 PM - Jul 13, 2021

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